Today Avi Compact is a powerful integrated solutions provider of air conditioning, one of the players of reference in this field in Romania.

Avi Compact is a company that provides integrated solutions for air conditioning, import of equipment and maintenance works.

Integrated solutions:

Avi Compact is an important company which offers integrated system solutions to the highest standards by competent personnel with extensive experience in the field.

Following the experience achieved accumulated in recent years, the company expanded its field of activity and providing construction, water supply and wastewater treatment.

During the activity, Avi Compact wants to provide modern and efficient solutions for your comfort, but also takes into account the compliance with environmental standards using environmentally friendly materials and equipment for energy saving.

Avi Compact elaborates key projects for: office buildings, housing estates, shopping centers.


Avi Compact is a distributor (ensures distribution) of a wide range of high quality equipment that covers air conditioning systems, heating systems, plumbing systems, fire protection and power.

Avi Compact provides air conditioning equipment, ventilation, thermal power station, fire protection, and accessories for heating-ventilation-air conditioning.

Avi Compact is the highest turnover of Daikin air conditioning systems in Romania, which is renowned for the quality and versatility of its integrated solutions. Daikin is at the forefront of energy efficiency and innovation.

Daikin offers solutions for the following areas: residential, commercial and industrial.

Other brands distributed by Avi Compact are: Tecnair Lv, France Air, Viessmann, Vaillant, De Dietrich.


Avi Compact helps to eliminate possible unpleasant situations by providing regular maintenance of air conditioners. With regular maintenance, we can say that the life of the equipment is longer.

Trained staff at manufacturer’s factories guarantees the high quality interventions for defective equipment.

Avi Compact offers this service throughout the country, with a total of five monitoring dispatchers, one in Bucharest and 4 regional dispatchers in Iasi, Constanta, Timisoara, Baia Mare. To these are added one at Chisinau, covering the entire territory of Moldova